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Population 2017 estimate

28,625 USD

GDP (per capita)
GDP (purchasing power parity)
$2.373 trillion (2019 estimate)


VISA Free Countries

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Why Turkey

From the Romans to the Ottomans and beyond, Turkey is one of the most historically, politically, and economically important nations in the world. It straddles eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Architecturally, its capital, Ankara, reflects its varied history with those empires’ buildings standing brick to brick with more modern structures. Ankara holds a great deal of significance for secular Turks—it’s the place where a new era for Turkish citizens started after the Turkish War of Independence and is a symbol for independence, development, and progressive values.


✓ Straightforward, simple investment plan
✓ Processing time 3-6 months
✓ No residency requirement
✓ No language skill requirement
✓ Visa Free access to 110+ countries
✓ No personal or worldwide income tax
✓ Dual citizenship permitted
✓ Inclusion of dependent children under the age of 18. Adopted children can be included.
✓ Citizenship transferrable by descent