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Malta Golden Visa - Residency By Investment Program

Processing Time

4-6 months


€ 220,000 EUR


Schengen Countries

Malta Golden Visa - Residency By Investment Program

The Mediterranean island of Malta has gained significant attention in recent years for its attractive Golden Visa program, the Malta Golden Visa. This program, officially known as the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP) or Malta Global Residence Program (GRP), offers a plethora of benefits to international investors seeking a new home and European Union residency.

How to obtain Malta Golden Visa

1- Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP)

A route to getting permanent residency in Malta is now accessible under the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP). This program requires a higher level of investment and an extended residence period. It is particularly appealing to individuals who wish to establish a long-term presence in Malta and enjoy the benefits of European Union residency and the potential for eventual residency.

MPRP Benefits

  • Processing time is approximately 8-10 months
  • Right to settle, stay and reside in Malta No minimum stay requirement
  • Residency is  renewable annually for 5 years, then every 5 years
  • Inclusion of unmarried and economically dependent children over the age of 18 years as well as economically dependent parents/grandparents of the main applicant or of his/her spouse
  • Visa-free travel within the Schengen zone
  • No minimum stay requirement

MPRP Requirements

To participate in the program, the applicant must:

  • Pay a donation of €2,000 to a local NGO registered with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organizations of a philanthropic, cultural, scientific, artistic, sports, or animal welfare nature.
  • To be eligible, you must acquire a property valued at a minimum of €300,000 in the southern region of Malta or Gozo, or €350,000 in other areas of Malta. Alternatively, you can choose to rent a property for a minimum of €10,000 in the southern region of Malta or Gozo, or €12,000 in other areas of Malta.
  • Make a government contribution of €28,000 if you’re buying a property or €58,000 if you’re renting one. Pay €7,500 for each additional adult dependent (other than the spouse).
  • Pay a non-refundable administrative charge of €40,000.

MPRP Eligibility

  • Minimum capital assets €500,000 (€150,000 must be financial assets)
  • No criminal record
  • Age 18 years old and above No deportations/visa refusals

2- Malta’s Global Residence Program (GRP): The Malta Global Residence Program (GRP) offers a flexible residency option for non-European Union individuals. With lower investment requirements and a shorter residency period compared to the MPRP, the GRP provides a quicker pathway to acquiring Maltese residency. This program is particularly suitable for individuals seeking European Union residency for themselves and their families while maintaining their existing business and tax structures.

GRP Benefits

  • Processing time is approximately 4-6 months. 
  • No minimum stay requirement
  • Residency is renewable annually
  • Inclusion of unmarried and economically dependent children under the age of 25 years
  • Inclusion of economically dependent brothers, sisters, and direct relatives in the ascending line of the applicant or spouse
  • Visa-free travel with the Schengen zone
  • Right to apply for a work permit

GRP Requirements

To participate in the Program, applicants must:

  • Purchase an immovable residential property in Malta with a minimum value of €275,000 or purchase an immovable residential property in South of Malta or Gozo with a minimum value of €220,000, OR rent as lessee for a residential immovable property in Malta for a minimum annual rent of €9,600 or €8,750 residential immovable property in South of Malta or Gozo.
  • Commit to an annual tax payment of a minimum of €15,000 on foreign remitted income.

GRP Eligibility

  • Financially capable of satisfying the program’s financial commitment
  • No criminal record
  • Age 18 years old and above
  • No deportations/visa refusals
Processing Time

4-6 months

Real Estate From

€ 220,000 EUR

Visa-Free Access To

Schengen Countries

Curated Links for Malta citizens

Malta Residence by Investment Program Options


Malta Residence and Visa Programme

The Malta Residence and Visa Programme has been developed to attract reputable non-EU nationals and their dependants to reside and settle in Malta, also affording them the right to ‘Visa – free’ travel within the Schengen area. Upon acceptance by the Authority, an applicant is issued a Certificate of Residence and a corresponding Maltese residence permit which shall be valid for 5 years, which, insofar as the ongoing obligations are continually satisfied, will be renewable indefinitely.


Malta’s Individual Investor Programme (MIIP)

The Maltese Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) enables any individual and their family to qualify for Maltese citizenship, by contributing to the economic development of Malta. It is the first citizenship programme in the EU to have been recognised and officially approved by the European Commission. Qualifying applicants will be recognized and granted the same rights as any Maltese citizen, including, the freedom to move, work, live, and vote within Malta and also the EU. An ‘Approved Agent’ must be engaged and will be responsible for the processing of the application, representing the applicant throughout the MIIP process.

Why Choose Malta?

  • Affordable Cost of Living: Malta’s affordability makes it an attractive choice for residency.
  • High Quality of Life: Malta offers a high standard of living despite its affordability, with access to quality healthcare and cultural amenities.
  • Accessible Property Ownership: Property options at various prices and a path to EU citizenship through investment make property ownership in Malta accessible.
  • Healthcare System: Malta’s healthcare system is both affordable and top-notch, ranking among the world’s best.
  • European Union Membership: Residency in Malta can lead to EU citizenship, granting benefits like free movement within the EU.
  • Strategic Location: Malta’s Mediterranean location offers easy access to Europe and North Africa, making it ideal for business and travel.
  • Stable Political Environment: Malta’s political stability ensures a secure living environment.
  • Tax Benefits: Malta’s tax incentives, including options for retirees and expatriates, attract those seeking residency for tax purposes.

Cost of living in Malta

Malta’s cost of living stands notably lower than many of its Central and Western European counterparts, even falling below the EU average. This affordability doesn’t compromise the quality of life, which remains on par with renowned nations like Austria, Germany, and France. Impressively, over 20% of the population comprises ex-pats, reflecting the island’s diverse and welcoming environment.

Housing in Malta

Malta’s housing landscape offers a myriad of choices, particularly in its urban hubs like Valletta and St. Julien. Rent prices fluctuate based on aspects such as location, view, and amenities, with city-center residences commanding higher costs. For instance, leasing a penthouse with breathtaking vistas in Sliema may exceed $2000 per month, while a comparable apartment in Mellieħa could amount to around $700. The average monthly rent in Malta spans between $1000 and $1500, a fraction of what major cities like New York demand.

Property Ownership in Malta

Purchasing property in Malta is an accessible venture, with fresh apartments commencing at $199,000. Meeting residency prerequisites necessitates investing in property of a certain minimum value. Additionally, the path to Maltese citizenship is paved through real estate investments or annual rent payments that meet stipulated criteria. These provisions facilitate obtaining an EU passport while achieving financial goals.

Healthcare in Malta

Malta’s healthcare system embodies both affordability and accessibility through its dual public and private options. Notably, the country ranks among the top 20 globally for healthcare quality. EU nationals can harness the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) at public healthcare facilities, while non-EU residents can secure health insurance following Maltese residency regulations.

Transportation and Utilities

Malta offers a cost-effective transportation system and utilities. With nationwide 5G internet coverage, communication services are reasonably priced, averaging nearly $35. Furthermore, diverse public transportation options, including buses, ferries, and water taxis, simplify mobility across the island.

Key Facts




Maltese, English


Euro (EUR)


535,064 (2024)

Malta Golden Visa Required Documents

  • Draft of application forms (to be provided by Migrate World)
  •  Police certificate for all family members
  •  Supporting documentation of a secured annual income from a legitimate source derived from outside of Malta (GRP) 
  • Bank reference and bank statement showing ability of investor to invest required amount
  • Narrative documenting source of funds and accumulation of net-worth
  • 10 Passport photos for each family member (certified)
  • Signed affidavit of financial support for dependent children
  •  Registration certificate from an educational institution to prove that dependent children are in full time education 
  • Supporting documents on employment (details to be communicated by Migrate World) 10. Detailed resume of main applicant (CV)
  • Signed client agreements

How Many Dependents Can be Included in a Single Application?

When applying for the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP), applicants have the right to include:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried children over the age of 18 who are economically dependent on the main applicant or their spouse.
  • Economically dependent parents and grandparents of the main applicant or their spouse.

In the case of Malta’s Global Residence Program (GRP), applicants have the right to include the following family members:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried children under the age of 25 who are economically dependent on the main applicant.
  • Economically dependent brothers, sisters, and direct relatives in the ascending line of the main applicant or their spouse.

Starting investment for Malta residency is €220,000


Get Free Consultation

    Step by Step procedures and time frame for obtaining Malta Residency

    1. Initial Consultation: A complimentary consultation with us where we explain all the different options available.
    2. Preliminary Check: Migrate World performs a preliminary security check, before officially making any agreement as a guarantee that the applicant’s record is clean from any case in which the government might reject his/her application. In addition, Migrate World and an approved agent will determine whether they may or may not represent the prospective applicant based on his eligibility criteria.
    3. Agreement and Fees: Fees include legal, due diligence, government, and application processing fees.
    4. Real Estate Investment: A Maltese property must be secured – rented or purchased – for one to be eligible for a residence permit.
    5. Residence Permit Issuance (GRP): Upon maintaining the property and satisfying the Tax commitment conditions, the applicant is issued a residence permit, which he is entitled to if he hasn’t lived in Malta for more than 9 months a year. This process usually takes around 4 months.
    6. Residence Permit Renewal: Renewed every 5 years for MRVP and every year for GRP if the applicant satisfies the required obligations of the respective programs.

    NOTE: The timeline is an estimate only, processing time depends on the complexity of each file.

    How do I avoid mistakes when applying for a Malta Golden Visa?

    When embarking on the journey to obtain residency in Malta, entrusting your application to a reputable migration agency like Migrate World can be the strategic advantage you need. Our seasoned experts are well-versed in the intricate details of the application process, ensuring meticulous adherence to the country’s stringent requirements. With a track record of successful outcomes, Migrate World offers personalized assistance, saving you valuable time and minimizing the risk of errors that could delay or hinder your application. As your dedicated partner, we not only simplify the complexities but also provide you with up-to-date insights, empowering you to make informed decisions. 

    Program Summary

    Learn more about the country and it's citizenship by investment.

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      Malta Golden Visa Program Benefits

      • Short processing time (around 4 months)
      • No minimum stay requirement
      • Right to reside therein
      • Right for a Work Permit
      • Residence renewable
      • Inclusion of family members
      • Visa – free travel within the Schengen zone

      How can the Migrate World Help You?

      Migrate World team offers essential support to clients pursuing the Malta Golden Visa. With expert guidance, personalized solutions, and thorough assistance in documentation, investment choices, application, due diligence, and post-approval steps, Migrate World ensures a smooth and successful journey toward obtaining  residency in Malta. Clients benefit from their expertise, minimizing complexities and maximizing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

      Comparing Residency by Investment Countries

      Similar Citizenship by Investment Programs

      Does Malta provide a Golden Visa?

      Yes, Malta provides a Golden Visa program, allowing non-EU citizens to secure residency in the country.

      Schedule a meeting with us 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The most cost-effective Golden Visa program in Europe can be found in Malta through the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP).

      To migrate from the UAE to Malta, secure a job offer from a Maltese employer and then submit a single permit application in Malta, or have your employer do so if you're still in the UAE. The processing time for the single permit is approximately two to three months.

      Golden Visa programs, also known as citizenship by investment programs, are accessible in various regions, including Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas. Numerous countries, such as Portugal, St. Kitts, Turkey, Greece, Germany, and numerous others, extend the Golden Visa option to investors.

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