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UAE Residency by Investment Benefits

Residency by Investment

UAE Residency by Investment Benefits

The UAE’s Golden Visa Program extends an opportunity for long-term residency in the United Arab Emirates, spanning from 5 to 10 years. This program grants individuals the privilege to reside, engage in gainful employment, and pursue academic endeavors within the UAE while also allowing them to retain 100% ownership of businesses located in the UAE’s mainland. The application processing time for this coveted residency status is remarkably swift, typically taking only 1 to 3 months. The program boasts a multitude of enticing benefits associated with UAE residency, making it a compelling choice for those seeking to enhance their quality of life in this thriving nation.

Why Choose UAE Residency?

  • Economic Opportunities
  • Stable Living Environment
  • Tax Advantages
  • Cultural Diversity in the UAE
  • Strategic Location
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Lifestyle and Leisure
  • Education and Healthcare
  • UAE Residency Program Benefits
Processing Time

4-6 months



Visa-Free Travel Within

160+ countries

Antigua and Barbuda Investment Options

The Citizenship by Investment program of Antigua & Barbuda necessitates investors to make a contribution to the National Development Fund or engage in real estate projects or government-approved businesses. In exchange for their investment, they are granted citizenship and a passport.


Real Estate Investment

Applicants for the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program have the option of making a joint investment in real estate through the purchase of shares in a company holding the asset. Two applications from related parties in the amount of a minimum of US$200,000 will be considered as qualifying investment.


Contribution to NDF

The government has recently reduced the required contribution amount to only $100,000 USD (family of 4) and $125,000 USD (family of 5 or more).

Investment Opportunities

In the dynamic investment landscape of the UAE, particularly Dubai, there are several enticing opportunities. The real estate sector, with its iconic developments and a robust rental market, continues to attract global investors. Dubai’s burgeoning technology and fintech industries offer promising growth potential. Moreover, the renewable energy sector is expanding rapidly, driven by the government’s commitment to sustainability. With its strategic location, investor-friendly policies, and thriving tourism industry, the UAE remains an attractive destination for both local and international investors seeking diverse investment options.

Education and Healthcare

The UAE, and specifically Dubai, has made significant strides in the field of education. The Emirate is home to a wide range of international and local schools and universities, offering high-quality education across various curricula. Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has been instrumental in ensuring the quality of education by conducting rigorous inspections and assessments. With a focus on innovation and a growing emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, Dubai’s educational landscape is preparing students for a globally competitive future.

Dubai’s healthcare sector is renowned for its world-class facilities and services. The Emirate has attracted leading medical institutions and professionals from around the globe, offering state-of-the-art healthcare services. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) plays a pivotal role in regulating and enhancing the healthcare ecosystem. From advanced hospitals and clinics to specialized medical centers, Dubai provides comprehensive healthcare options, ensuring residents and visitors access to top-quality medical care. The city’s commitment to healthcare excellence aligns with its vision of becoming a global hub for medical tourism.

Key Facts


ABU Dhabi


Arabic, English


UAE dirham


10.2 million (2023)

Tax Benefits

The UAE, including Dubai, offers a highly favorable tax environment characterized by no personal income tax, no capital gains tax, and no inheritance tax. For businesses, there are opportunities to benefit from low corporate tax rates in certain free zones, along with simplified tax procedures. The introduction of VAT at a low rate of 5% has allowed the UAE to maintain a robust fiscal policy while continuing to attract residents and businesses seeking tax-efficient opportunities. These tax benefits, coupled with the region’s strategic location and robust economy, make the UAE a compelling destination for financial growth and prosperity.

Political Stability

The political stability in the UAE, including Dubai, is a cornerstone of the nation’s success. With its consistent leadership, pro-business policies, and a commitment to fostering tolerance and global engagement, the UAE offers a safe and predictable environment for residents, businesses, and international visitors. This stability has played a pivotal role in the country’s remarkable economic growth and its reputation as a reliable and attractive destination in the Middle East.

How to Obtain UAE Residency

Residency Application Process

Obtaining a Golden Visa in the UAE involves a systematic process. Firstly, you need to determine your eligibility based on the category you qualify for. Next, gather the necessary documents, which may include your passport, medical certificate, criminal background check, and proof of financial solvency. Once your documents are in order, submit your application to the UAE government and pay the required application fee. Afterward, patiently wait for your application to be processed, which typically takes between 10 and 14 working days. Once approved, your Golden Visa will be granted, lasting for ten to five years, after completing medical tests, applying for an Emirates ID, and changing your status. It is crucial to initiate this process early, as it may take some time to complete.

Investment Requirements

  •   Real Estate Investor (10-year visa): Invest AED 2,000,000 in real estate.
  •  Investment Fund Investor (10-year visa): Invest AED 2,000,000 in an eligible investment fund.
  • Real Estate Retired Investor (5-year visa): If you’re 55 or older, invest AED 750,000 in real estate.
  • Real Estate Investor (2-year visa): If you’re under 55, invest AED 750,000 in real estate.

Timeline and Costs

The processing time typically falls within the 2-3 week range, with the potential for cost variations depending on your chosen route.


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        Comparing Citizenship by Investment Countries


        According to the regulations, individuals with a 10-year Golden Visa can spend over six months outside the UAE without any impact on their residency permit status.

        The Golden Visa is designed as a long-term residence permit that undergoes renewal every five or ten years, contingent upon the visa category and meeting the specified eligibility requirements. Cancellation is not a standard procedure for this type of visa.

        Yes, individuals with a Golden Visa in the UAE have the privilege to live, study, and work in Dubai independently, without requiring a local sponsor. They can also take full responsibility for their business activities in Dubai. These visas are typically issued for 5 or 10 years and come with automatic renewal provisions.

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