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Overview of Real Estate in Cyprus

Cyprus, an island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean, offers a unique blend of European and Middle Eastern influences, making it an attractive destination for real estate investment. Known for its picturesque landscapes, historical significance, and strategic location, Cyprus has developed a robust real estate market that caters to both local and international investors. The country’s favorable tax regime, excellent quality of life, and growing economy further enhance its appeal as a real estate investment destination.

Why make a real estate investment in Cyprus?

  1. Strategic Location: Cyprus is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. This prime position makes it a hub for business and travel. The island’s connectivity via major sea routes and international airports supports both commercial and residential real estate ventures.
  2. Favorable Tax Regime: Cyprus offers a favorable tax system. The country provides various tax incentives, including low corporate tax rates, no inheritance tax, and exemptions on capital gains tax for properties purchased before specific dates. These benefits create a financially advantageous environment for property investments.
  3. Quality of Life: Cyprus boasts a high quality of life with a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. The healthcare and education systems are well-developed, making it ideal for families and retirees. Additionally, the low crime rate and friendly population create a safe and welcoming environment for expatriates.
  4. Economic Growth and Stability: Cyprus has shown significant economic resilience and growth, especially after recovering from the 2013 financial crisis. The government has implemented reforms to boost the economy, including measures to support the real estate sector. Ongoing infrastructure development and foreign direct investment further bolster the real estate market.
  5. Citizenship and Residency Programs: Cyprus offers attractive citizenship and residency by investment programs. These programs allow non-EU investors to obtain Cypriot citizenship or permanent residency by investing in real estate. This has significantly driven the property market, attracting high-net-worth individuals seeking the benefits of EU citizenship or residency.
Processing Time

4-6 months


$ 100,000 USD

Visa-Free Travel Within

160+ countries

The Citizenship by Investment program of Antigua & Barbuda necessitates investors to make a contribution to the National Development Fund or engage in real estate projects or government-approved businesses. In exchange for their investment, they are granted citizenship and a passport.


Real Estate Investment

Applicants for the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program have the option of making a joint investment in real estate through the purchase of shares in a company holding the asset. Two applications from related parties in the amount of a minimum of US$200,000 will be considered as qualifying investment.

Real Estate Market Information in Cyprus

The real estate market in Cyprus has grown significantly, especially in Limassol, Nicosia, and Paphos. Demand for luxury properties, including villas and apartments, is rising among both local and foreign buyers. Commercial properties, such as office spaces and retail units, also see increased investment. Cyprus offers diverse property types, with prices varying by location—coastal areas like Limassol and Paphos are more expensive. The government provides a transparent regulatory framework, ensuring secure property ownership and streamlined transfer processes. Investors have access to competitive mortgages, often with favorable terms for foreign buyers, supported by government policies. The market’s future looks positive, driven by economic growth, infrastructure development, and key projects like marinas and resorts, enhancing the island’s appeal.

Real Estate Investment Criteria in Cyprus

To apply for Cyprus Residency by Investment Program, you must first confirm your eligibility. You should be:

  • A non-EEA citizen
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Without a criminal record
  • Not subject to any EU sanctions or restrictions

Key Facts




Greek | Turkish | English widely spoken


Euro (EUR)


1,260,138 (2024)

Real Estate Investment Options in Cyprus


Residential investment opportunities in Cyprus include luxury villas, modern apartments, and traditional stone houses, particularly in popular coastal areas like Limassol, Paphos, and Larnaca. Inland cities such as Nicosia offer more affordable housing options, suitable for vacation homes, rentals, or permanent residences.


Commercial real estate options include office spaces, retail units, hotels, and mixed-use developments, especially in business hubs like Nicosia and Limassol. The thriving tourism industry boosts demand for hospitality properties, while ongoing infrastructure improvements and a favorable business environment make commercial investments in Cyprus attractive and potentially lucrative.

Minimum Investment Requirement

To qualify for residence by investment in Cyprus, you must purchase a new property with a minimum market value of €300,000 (plus VAT) within the country. Alternatively, you can choose to invest through a legal entity registered in your (and possibly your spouse’s) name, without involving any other shareholders. You have flexibility in your investment choices, which can include:

  • One or two residential properties.
  • One residential property and one commercial property (e.g., a shop) of up to 100 square meters.
  • One residential property and one commercial property (e.g., an office) of up to 250 square meters.

However, it is essential to note that all properties must be purchased from a single developer. Therefore, if you wish to invest in a combination of residential and commercial properties, you will need to find a developer offering both. Diversifying your real estate portfolio is advisable to mitigate risks. For instance, if there’s a decline in tourism, your residential rentals may become less profitable, but having a mix of residential and commercial properties can help offset losses. It’s worth noting that all properties purchased must be brand new; resale properties are not eligible for the Cyprus Golden Visa – Residency by Investment Program.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Real Estate in Cyprus

Step 1: Make the Investment

  • Decide on the type of real estate investment you want to pursue, whether residential, commercial, or a combination.
  • Seek advice from an experienced immigration investment advisor, like the Migrate World team, to determine the best investment strategy for you.
  • Once you have decided, complete the legal transaction, which may involve visiting Cyprus to view properties arranged by your advisor and opening a local bank account with a €30,000 deposit (which can be done remotely if necessary).
  • Consider giving power of attorney to a lawyer to handle the investment and application process on your behalf.

Step 2: Submit Your Application for Residence

  • Gather necessary documents, including passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, criminal record certificates, resumes/CVs, property ownership documents or sales contracts, proof of foreign income, proof of €30,000 bank deposit in Cyprus, health insurance, and statements declaring no employment intentions in Cyprus.
  • Fill out the application form and submit it along with the required documents to the Civil Registry and Migration Department.
  • Wait for up to two months for your application to be processed.

Step 3: Obtain Your Permanent Residence Permit

  • Upon approval, you will receive a residence permit allowing entry into Cyprus.
  • Travel to Cyprus within one year to obtain your permanent residence permit by visiting a local migration office for biometric capturing. 
  • Once processed, you’ll receive your permanent resident permit (PRP) and only need to visit Cyprus once every two years to maintain it. Note that selling your investment property(ies) or becoming a permanent resident elsewhere can result in permit revocation.

Step 4: Apply for Naturalization

  • If interested in obtaining Cypriot citizenship, maintain permanent residency for at least seven years.
  • Apply for naturalization, which requires being a tax resident in Cyprus only for the year before lodging the application.


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    Property Purchase Taxes

    You need to pay VAT on top of the minimum investment amount, which is 19%. However, if your real estate purchase is up to 200 square meters, you can apply for a reduced VAT rate. The first 200 square meters will be taxed at 5%, and any extra space will be taxed at the regular 19% rate.

    Legal and Regulatory Considerations

    Investing in real estate for Cyprus residency involves navigating various legal and regulatory considerations. Prospective investors must understand Cyprus’ property laws, residency requirements, and investment criteria. Additionally, they should be aware of tax implications, ensure proper legal documentation, conduct thorough due diligence, and stay informed about any changes in immigration laws or residency programs.

    Risks and Considerations

    Investing in real estate for Cyprus residency entails certain risks and considerations. Market volatility and economic factors can impact property values and investment returns, while changes in laws or regulations may affect ownership rights and residency requirements. Currency fluctuations also pose a risk, particularly for non-Eu investors. Property-specific risks such as damage, vacancies, or disputes should be carefully assessed, along with the illiquidity of real estate investments. Thorough due diligence is essential to identify potential risks, and seeking advice from legal, financial, and real estate professionals can help mitigate these risks and make informed investment decisions.

    Program Summary

    Learn more about the country and it's citizenship by investment.

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      Benefits of Residency by Real Estate Investment

      • Quick process: residency permit in two months
      • High approval rate with fulfilled requirements
      • No need for continuous residency, just visit every two years
      • No donation required, maintaining control over investment
      • Grant of permanent residency for stability
      • Flexible investment in residential or commercial properties
      • Potential Schengen access and favorable tax treatment

      Comparing Citizenship by Investment Countries

      Flexible Investment Options for Maintaining Cypriot Residency

      Your Cypriot investor residence permit remains valid as long as you maintain your real estate investment. If you decide to change your property, you have the flexibility to do so. Simply sell your current property and purchase a new one for a minimum of €300,000. This allows you to retain your residence permit without any issues.

      Professional Guidance: How can Migrate World help you get residency by investment through real estate?

      Migrate World is your dedicated partner in pursuing a residency in Cyprus through real estate investment. Our experienced team expertly navigates the intricate application process, offering support from initial consultation and property selection to application processing and due diligence management. We handle all aspects of your residency-by-investment journey, ensuring your investment goals become a reality. With personalized guidance, we take pride in assisting you on the path to becoming a resident of Cyprus.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Not necessarily. It is rare for individuals to physically live in a country that operates a residency by investment program. These programs acknowledge that your intention may not be to relocate to the country permanently, but rather to access the travel benefits associated with holding residency, such as unrestricted travel throughout Europe. However, you will need to visit Cyprus at least once every two years to maintain a connection with the country.

      Unfortunately, there are no provisions in place for fast-tracking Cypriot citizenship. Therefore, if you obtain residency through investment, you will need to wait at least 7 years before applying for the country's passport.

      Cyprus real estate is a good investment. The country has a stable economy, low corporate taxes, and perks for foreign investors. The property market consistently grows, thanks to international investment and the popularity of the Cyprus Investment Program.

      The required deposit for buying a house in Cyprus varies based on factors like property size and chosen mortgage terms. Generally, EEA residents deposit around 30—40% of the property value, while Cypriot residents typically have lower requirements, ranging from 10 to 30%.

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