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Spain Residency by Investment Benefits

Residency by Investment

Spain Residency by Investment Benefits

The Golden Visa program in Spain offers a range of enticing benefits, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking residency. Successful applicants gain the right to live and settle in Spain, with a remarkably swift processing time of approximately 3 weeks. One of the notable advantages is visa-free travel within the EU Schengen zone, facilitating seamless movement across participating countries. Residency under this program is renewable every 2 years, providing a stable and extended stay. Additionally, the inclusivity of dependent parents aged 65 and older, as well as financially dependent children of any age (with the condition that adult children must be full-time students), adds a family-oriented dimension to the program. Perhaps notably, there is no residency requirement to obtain the visa, simplifying the process for prospective applicants.

Why Choose Residency in Spain?

  • Cultural Richness
  • European Union Access
  • Renewable Residency
  • Inclusive Family Policies
  • Quick Processing Time
  • No Residency Requirement
  • Quality of Life
Processing Time

4-6 months



Visa-Free Travel Within

160+ countries

Antigua and Barbuda Investment Options

The Citizenship by Investment program of Antigua & Barbuda necessitates investors to make a contribution to the National Development Fund or engage in real estate projects or government-approved businesses. In exchange for their investment, they are granted citizenship and a passport.


Real Estate Investment

Applicants for the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program have the option of making a joint investment in real estate through the purchase of shares in a company holding the asset. Two applications from related parties in the amount of a minimum of US$200,000 will be considered as qualifying investment.


Contribution to NDF

The government has recently reduced the required contribution amount to only $100,000 USD (family of 4) and $125,000 USD (family of 5 or more).

Investment Opportunities

Spain offers a range of promising investment opportunities across diverse sectors. The real estate market in cities like Barcelona and Madrid, the thriving tourism sector, renewable energy projects, and the burgeoning technology and innovation sector all present attractive avenues for investors. With a stable economic environment and government support for initiatives like sustainability, Spain stands out as a compelling destination for strategic and varied investment endeavors.

Education and Healthcare

Spain’s education system, a blend of public and private institutions, caters to diverse academic needs. Renowned universities offer quality education in various disciplines, with programs available in both Spanish and English. From historic institutions to modern campuses fostering innovation, Spain provides a rich and globally recognized learning environment.
Spain’s healthcare system, known for its quality and accessibility, ensures residents have comprehensive coverage. The modern infrastructure, including hospitals and clinics, is supported by skilled medical professionals. The system prioritizes preventive care, contributing to the overall well-being of residents. Expatriates can also opt for private healthcare services, offering additional amenities and shorter waiting times. Overall, Spain’s healthcare system underscores its commitment to public health, making it an attractive feature for prospective residents.

Key Facts









Tax Benefits

Spain offers enticing tax benefits for both individuals and businesses, making it an attractive destination. The country’s progressive personal income tax system, along with initiatives like the “Beckham Law” for expatriates, provides favorable conditions for residents. Various deductions and allowances further enhance the financial landscape. For businesses, Spain’s territorial tax system, taxing income earned within the country, fosters a business-friendly environment. These measures, combined with a stable economic backdrop, underscore Spain’s appeal to those seeking advantageous financial conditions.

Political Stability

Spain is characterized by a robust political stability that has contributed to its appeal as a desirable destination for residents and investors. As a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, Spain has maintained a consistent political framework over the years, fostering an environment of predictability and continuity. The country’s commitment to democratic principles and the rule of law has played a crucial role in ensuring political stability. Spain’s participation in international institutions and collaborations further underscores its dedication to diplomatic relations and global stability. The overall political climate in Spain reflects a commitment to democratic governance, the rule of law, and a stable political landscape, reinforcing the confidence of residents and businesses alike.

How to Obtain Residency in Spain

Investment Requirements

To fulfill the investment requirements for residency in Spain, individuals are required to make a real estate investment of at least 500,000 euros in either residential or commercial property. 

Timeline and Costs

The timeline for processing the Spain Golden Visa is approximately 3 weeks, offering a swift pathway to residency. In terms of costs, applicants should be aware of the initial government application fee and approval fee, which together range between EUR 4,000 and EUR 5,000. These fees cover the essential steps in securing the Golden Visa. Furthermore, for subsequent renewals, the fees are slightly reduced, ranging between EUR 3,000 and EUR 4,000.


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        Comparing Citizenship by Investment Countries


        No, Spain's Golden Visa program does not impose a minimum stay requirement, providing flexibility for visa holders to manage their residency status

        The processing time for the Spain Golden Visa is approximately 3 weeks.

        Yes, the Spain Golden Visa program allows investors to choose either residential or commercial properties for the required 500,000 euros real estate investment.

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