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The Golden Visa program is a residence by investment scheme, and that is all there is to it. In other words, it is one of the quickest routes for affluent families to obtain a visa and settle abroad.

The minimum investment might be as low as €150,000 or as much as millions, depending on the Golden Visa country. Golden Visa programs offer the option to move to a favorable jurisdiction or only occasionally visit it physically, depending on the applicant’s preferences. The right to live, work, study, and get healthcare in a foreign state is guaranteed by having residency there.

Golden visa acquisition, also known as a residence by investment or citizenship by investment, is the procedure by which verified, qualified candidates are given full rights to either residence or citizenship in exchange for making a specific financial contribution to the host nation. High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) have the choice to physically move to a desirable jurisdiction — either now or after retirement — and become residents of that state with full legal rights, including the right to live, work, study, and receive healthcare there. This option is made possible by golden visa programs.

How to Submit a Golden Visa Application?

You must buy real estate abroad to be eligible to apply for a Golden Visa. Most Golden Visa countries offer this option, which is the most popular one. The price of the property varies from $200,000 to more than $2 million.

Some other investment choices are*:

  • Invest money in the shares or stocks of a company.
  • Invest large sums of money in the nation’s government bonds or public debt.
  • Make employment opportunities.
  • Contribute to a nation’s innovation in science or technology.

Which countries offer the Golden Visa programs?

Many countries offer the most attractive Golden Visa choices. Despite having the same conditions, each country has a different minimum investment requirement and residency requirements. Here is a list of countries that have a Golden Visa program:

Greece: With the help of the 2013-launched Greece Golden Visa Program, non-EU citizens and their families can now apply for permanent residence cards in Greece under a residence by investment scheme. Greece provides its inhabitants and residents with a variety of comforting advantages as an EU member state, including high levels of safety and security, good educational possibilities, comprehensive healthcare alternatives, and a trustworthy rule of law.

Canada: Wealthy businesspeople from all over the world can get residency through the Canada Golden Visa by investing CAD 1,2 million. Investors may obtain permanent residence in Canada for themselves, their spouses or common-law partners, and their children. Canada has some investment schemes, but the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is the most well-known (QIIP). To participate in this program, you must contribute at least CAD 1.2 million in bonds. Three years later, you can apply for citizenship. For the majority of Canada’s investment programs, you must, however, reside there for at least 183 days over three years to be eligible for citizenship.

Cyprus: Cyprus Golden Visa holders may not pay taxes on global income, and the country has low income and property tax rates. There is a 12.5% business tax rate. A permanent resident might become a citizen of Cyprus after five years of residing on the island in the pleasant Mediterranean climate close to the water.

Malta; A Malta Golden Visa offers high-net-worth individuals who want to invest overseas a route to Maltese (and EU) citizenship. Malta offers two different Golden Visa schemes, one of which results in citizenship and the other in permanent residency.

With the citizenship by investment program in Malta, participants receive a passport from the country after investing at least €600,000. Citizenship can be obtained in as little as one year, depending on the amount deposited. As soon as your visa has been processed, you can apply for a Malta residency card under the permanent residence program.

Portugal; A five-year residence by investment program for non-EU nationals is the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program, often known as a Portugal Golden Visa. Portugal is an EU full member. During the five years, the residence permit only necessitates an average stay of seven days in Portugal every year, granting visa-free entry to the Schengen Area of Europe. 

Uk Golden visa: The UK offers a Tier-1 Investor visa for those with the required funds to invest in the country. The minimum investment is at least £2,000,000, and it must be held in a regulated financial institution. After a few years, you can apply for British citizenship if you meet the rest of the eligibility criteria.

US Golden visa; The key distinction between the two types of visas offered by the US under its Golden Visa program is that only one of them provides a path to citizenship. Investor visa EB-5. Five years after making your investment, you can apply for a Green Card using the EB-5 permit, and an immigrant investor visa. You must submit at least $900,000 in targeted employment to be eligible for this visa. Investor visa EB-2. You must be a national of a nation with which the US has an investor treaty and spend between $100,000 and $200,000 in an existing business or the establishment of a new one to be eligible for an EB-2 investment visa. 

Grenada; Grenada will grant you second citizenship for just $150,000 paid to a public fund. Additionally, you can apply for a visa and buy real estate. The Grenada Golden Visa does not have a residency requirement, and you will be granted citizenship as soon as your investment is fulfilled. Using Grenada’s citizenship by investment scheme, you can visit 140 nations without a visa.

New Zealand; New Zealand is another well-liked location for investments because it provides a high standard of living, social security, and some other advantages. The nation provides two avenues for investment:

Investor 1 visa; You must invest at least NZD 10 million in authorized investment choices, such as government bonds, stock, funds, new residential properties, commercial buildings, or philanthropic investments, to qualify for the investor 1 visa in New Zealand. You are given temporary permission under this program, which you can renew. After three years, you can apply for citizenship and permanent residency.

Investor 2 visa: For investor visa type 2 in New Zealand, a minimum of NZD 3 million is needed.

The Golden Visa Program for Students

What could be a better alternative for many exceptional students of this generation looking to change their lifestyle than pursuing a profession in a foreign country with top-notch educational opportunities? However, things can be challenging when applying for a student visa.

For one to be granted a temporary student visa, one must always meet a lot of standards. When a parent has a golden visa, it makes things a little bit easier because it allows their kids to study abroad for high school or university. Ireland, Cyprus, and Antigua are just a few countries offering resident permits as part of their golden visa advantages.

Golden Visa Rules

Many nations have employed residency by investment to entice foreign capital, either in the form of real estate or the creation of businesses that hire a predetermined minimum number of citizens. Foreigners are allowed to get permanent residency in the country where they are investing, bring their spouse and children to live with them, and engage in employment and educational opportunities there through residency-by-investment programs.

Golden visa rules are:

  • The funds you desire to invest must be yours.
  • Keep the investment in place for at least the bare minimum of time.
  • Be able to demonstrate how legally you received the money.
  • possess a clean criminal history. Even if you don’t plan to live there, you still need to prepare enough money to support yourself and any family members who are traveling with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

An immigration program is known as a "Golden Visa" enables wealthy people to obtain a residence permit or even citizenship in another nation by making a sizable donation, making an investment, or purchasing a home there.

There are a lot of countries that have a Golden Visa program such as; Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Canada, German, Greece, Grenada, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain.

Golden visas give HNWIs and their families more options globally and the chance to protect themselves from potential risk and volatility. These options include:

  •      Find a different haven.
  • ·    Enhance and increase their lifestyle and career options
  •       Enjoy a high standard of living and easy access to first-rate facilities.
  •    Obtain top-notch medical care at renowned clinics.
  •      Attend top-notch universities and colleges.

Non-EU citizens have access to this visa alternative in some European nations, including Portugal, Spain, and Greece. Portugal, for instance, has one of the most successful Golden Visa programs in the world, as seen by the recent explosion in Portugal's Golden Visa data.

The nation that issues the Golden Visa determines how long it is valid. Typically, the validity is between one and two years, with unlimited potential for renewal. After five to ten years of residing in the country that issued the visa, you eventually qualify for citizenship.

The Cheapest Golden visa program is in Malta.

No, you cannot apply for a Golden Visa if you used financial aid to buy a residence. All of the money you invest must be yours. However, you might be permitted to use financing to cover the sum of money above the necessary minimum. For instance, if you want to buy a $500,000 property but need a $300,000 Golden Visa, you can pay the $300,000 in full and then get finance for the other $200,000.

Similarly to this, all investors in a joint investment must provide the minimum required sum. You can't divide it among yourselves.

No, applicants for Golden Visas often do not need to meet residency requirements. As long as you keep the investment, you can renew the visa permanently (i.e. you do not sell the house). Additionally, certain nations, such as Cyprus and Greece, permit you to rent out your home while you are gone.

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