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UK Skilled Worker Visa by Investment

Residency by Investment

UK Skilled Worker Visa by Investment

Migrate World presents the unique opportunity of obtaining a Skilled Worker Visa through investment. This distinctive option allows individuals to invest in the company of their choice, thereby facilitating the inclusion of ambitious entrepreneurs within the Skilled Worker visa category. Notably, there are no longer constraints on the shareholdings of Skilled Worker visa applicants. Investing in the prospective employer brings various advantages, such as expanding one’s investment portfolio, influencing the company’s operations, and enjoying the benefits of the company’s growth, all of which contribute to enhancing one’s net worth. This can be accomplished by making a minimum investment of £150,000 in a well-established and successful UK company.

Skilled Worker Visa Program

The Skilled Worker Visa Program sets a language proficiency standard at CEFR Level B1 (equivalent to IELTS 4.0). Successful applicants can anticipate a salary within the range of £35,000 to £75,000, with a minimum threshold of £25,600. This program not only provides employment opportunities but also extends the possibility of permanent residency to both the visa holder and their family.

In collaboration with this initiative, Fresh Talent International, a specialized recruitment agency, facilitates the connection between highly talented individuals and established UK companies.

Processing Time

Within 6 Weeks

Your Pathway to UK Residency

  1. Commence by submitting your CV and Application Form for evaluation.
  2. Upon acceptance, proceed with the completion of agreements and required payments.
  3. Facilitate a meeting with up to three UK companies.
  4. Upon successful outcomes, expect to receive an official offer of employment.
  5. Initiate the visa application process in collaboration with an Immigration Lawyer.
  6. Develop an employment contract compliant with UK employment laws.
  7. Benefit from our comprehensive 5-year support program, guiding you from the initial application stages to the achievement of your Permanent Residency.


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    Program Summary

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      Primary Benefits of the Skilled Worker Visa by Investment Program

      • Long-Term Validity: Skilled Worker visas extend over a minimum of 5 years, with the potential to transition to permanent residency.
      • Comprehensive Service: Migrate World provides a seamless end-to-end service for your application process.
      • Financial Gains: Capitalize on the growth of the invested company, contributing to the increase of your overall wealth
      • Economic Stability: Invest your funds in a resilient and stable economy.
      • Quality Healthcare: Access world-renowned healthcare facilities, ensuring your well-being and that of your family.
      • Education Opportunities: Benefit from world-class free education options for your children.
      • Global Mobility: Hold the 4th strongest passport globally, enhancing your travel capabilities.
      • Visa-Free Access: Enjoy the privilege of visa-free entry to 108+ countries, adding flexibility to your international travel.

      Comparing Residency by Investment Countries

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      It is a pathway for individuals to establish a business in the UK and be sponsored as a skilled worker, offering the opportunity for permanent residency after five years.

      Ideal for individuals enthusiastic about starting a business in the UK with ambitions of ownership, full control, and the goal of obtaining permanent residency.

      The path involves establishing a UK company, applying for a Sponsor License and Skilled Worker visa, hiring a Skilled Worker as a director/shareholder, and having the initial director resign.

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