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Population Q3 2015 estimate
(Population 2011 census - 33,476,688)

45,489 USD

GDP (per capita)
GDP (purchasing power parity)
1.573 trillion USD (2015 estimate)


VISA Free Countries


“We believe in a customized approach for every client and we will work to find the option that works best for your unique needs and situation.”


Why Prince Edward Island?

The Province of Prince Edward Island welcomes newcomers wishing to embrace the opportunities presented by living in Canada’s smallest province. As the birthplace of Canada, Prince Edward Island has a long and proud history of welcoming newcomers who have gone on to become some of our greatest leaders, entrepreneurs, tradespeople, and artisans. The Entrepreneur category it provides seeks to attract experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in the province of Prince Edward Island and create jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.


Prince Edward Island
✓ Processing time 12 - 18 months
✓ No worldwide income tax for nonresident Canadians
✓ Visa Free access to 170+ countries (UK; EU; US)
✓ World-class healthcare and education
✓ High quality of life
✓ One of the most valued passports internationally
✓ Speedy provincial and federal processing
✓ Spouse can obtain an open work permit
✓ No Escrow deposit