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Population 2014 estimate
(2011 census - 81,799)

18,026 USD

GDP (per capita)
GDP (purchasing power parity)
1.579 billion USD (2012 estimate)


VISA Free Countries

“We believe in a customized approach for every client and we will work to find the option that works best for your unique needs and situation.”


Why Antigua and Barbuda?

The twin island nations of Antigua & Barbuda comprise an independent Commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean. A quintessential tropical hideaway, they include approximately 365 dreamy white and pink sand beaches—one for every day of the year. Saint John’s, the capital and largest city in the country, has a laid-back vibe with all the essential amenities like financial institutions, services, education, and more.


✓ Straightforward, simple investment plans
✓ Processing time 3-6 months
✓ No landing required
✓ Visa Free access to 131+ countries (UK; EU)
✓ No personal or worldwide income tax
✓ Dual citizenship permitted
✓ Limited residency requirement; 5 days in a 5 year span
✓ Inclusion of dependent children under 28 years and dependent parents aged 58 years and above
✓ Limited number of documents to be submitted