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Population 2014 estimate
(2011 census - 9,937,628)

25,239 USD

GDP (per capita)
GDP (purchasing power parity)
255.254 billion USD (2015 estimate)


VISA Free Countries


Why Hungary?

Located in the center of Europe, Hungary is a beautiful, culturally rich country. Highlights include the beautiful Danube river and the historic Castle District.
The country is also famous for its cusine which prominently features paprika, a Hungarian innovation, and their pastries are extremely popular.

In addition, the country offers universal healthcare and is nestled in the centre of Europe, making the country the ideal gateway to the rest of Europe. With these and many other benefits, it is no wonder Hungary is among the most-visited places on earth.


✓ Fast application process. Receive temporary residency in less than 3 months
✓ Processing of permanent residency application in only 6 months
✓ Single application for the main applicant and all qualifying family members
✓ Free movement throughout the Schengen one ✓ No trip required. The process will be completed in your country of residency’s embassy
✓ Citizenship by descent program available to children above the age of 18 of naturalized applicants