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In the bustling 90s, a teenage boy named Shivaz Rai embarked on a voyage that transcended continents and culminated in a tale of audacious dreams turned into remarkable achievements. Leaving behind the comforts of his homeland India, he, along with his family, sought new horizons in North America, driven by an unwavering pursuit of a grand vision that his hometown Delhi could not contain. Little did the world know that this voyage would lead to the rise of an exceptional financial maven.
*From Dreams to Reality: A Scholar’s Odyssey**
Rai’s journey took a significant leap when he graduated as a top student from the illustrious University of Chicago—a revered institution consistently ranked among the top 10 universities worldwide. Armed with a prestigious degree, he embarked on his financial career at the iconic Wall Street in the heart of New York City. The bustling streets and towering buildings of Wall Street would become the crucible where his financial acumen and ambition were honed.
**Global Footprints: Navigating Financial Capitals**
With the accolades of Wall Street under his belt, Shivaz Rai embarked on a global odyssey. From the pulsating financial hubs of Singapore to the glamour of Dubai, Rai traversed the world, leaving an indelible mark in the realms of hedge funds and banking. His journey exemplifies the international allure of his expertise, the impact of his decisions reverberating across the globe.
*A Family Legacy Extended: DU Digital Global*
In an organic convergence of destinies, Rai joined hands with his father, the venerable business magnate Rajji Rai. This union gave rise to a family enterprise that had been steadily expanding under his father’s guidance. Today, as the CEO of DU Digital Global ([](, Shivaz Rai steers a multi-million dollar entity with a sprawling presence across offices worldwide. DU Digital has processed millions of applications for governments, and it now listed in the National Stock Exchange of India.
*Pioneering Global Citizenship: Migrate World India*
Shivaz Rai’s influence extends beyond business success. He has unfurled the banner of global citizenship through his partnership, Migrate World India. Serving as its Managing Director, Rai assists fellow Indians in their pursuit of international success, portfolio diversification, and true travel freedom. This initiative resonates deeply with his own journey from an Indian teenager to a global financial luminary.
*A Journey Defined by Vision*
Shivaz Rai’s story is a symphony of dreams, hard work, and achievement. From leaving the shores of India to conquering global financial hubs, he embodies the spirit of a true trailblazer. As Rai continues to redefine success, his narrative offers inspiration to all those who dare to dream beyond borders.

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