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Whether you’re planning to visit a new country or you’re already on a visit visa and need comprehensive information about visa renewal, expiration, services, inquiries, or extensions, Migrate World is your go-to destination for all your needs. Our dedicated team of experts is always here to provide you with reliable guidance, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Understanding Visit Visa

Visitors are granted temporary visas by the immigration authorities of a country to enter and remain there for a predetermined amount of time. Depending on the country and visa type, a visit visa’s maximum stay period varies. Understanding the particular criteria and requirements for each type of visit visa, such as those for business, family visits, and medical treatment, is crucial.

Visit Visa Renewal

People can prolong their stay in a country beyond the initial visa duration by renewing their visit visas. The renewal procedure often entails filing an application, supplying the required documents, paying the relevant costs, and fulfilling certain eligibility requirements. A valid passport, proof that you have sufficient funds to finance your stay, a letter outlining the justification for the extension, and any other special documentation required by the immigration authorities may all be needed to renew a visit visa. To prevent overstaying and associated penalties, it’s crucial to start the renewal process well in advance.

Visit Visa Expiry

When a visit visa expires, it means that the time period for which it is valid has run out. Respecting the visa expiration date is essential to avoid legal repercussions and other problems when traveling in the future. A visit visa overstay can result in fines, deportation, or perhaps future entry bans. We advise you to keep track of when your visa expires so you can schedule your departure accordingly.

Visit Visa Inquiry

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or wish to find out the status of your application for a visit visa. Additionally, consider contacting the relevant immigration authorities, as well as the embassy or consulate of the nation you are visiting, for additional information. Many nations also offer online resources and platforms where you can check the progress of your application or get further information about visa-related issues. As the time it takes to obtain visas can vary, it’s crucial to be patient during the inquiry process.

Visit Visa Extension

People may need to extend their visit visa due to unforeseen circumstances or the desire to prolong their stay.  Visit visa extensions enable extended stays after the initial visa period. Depending on the country’s legislation, different requirements, documents, steps, processing timeframes, and fees apply for visa extensions. For a seamless visa extension process, it’s critical to thoroughly research the precise requirements and adhere to the guidelines given by the immigration authorities.

Visit Visa Types and Prices

The visit visa types and prices can vary depending on the country you wish to visit. Each country has its own specific visa categories and associated fees. Here are some common visit visa types and an estimate of their prices:

  1. Tourist Visa: Holders of this visa are able to travel to another country. It can start from  $20 or more, depending on the country and the duration of stay permitted.
  2. Business Visa: Holders of this visa may travel for purposes of conducting business, such as attending conferences or meetings. It can start from $50 or more, depending on the country and the duration of stay allowed.
  3. Family Visit Visa: Holders of this visa are able to travel to see relatives who live abroad. It can start from $50 or more, depending on the country and the duration of stay permitted.
  4. Medical Treatment Visa: This visa is for people who want to receive medical care abroad. It can start from $100 or more, depending on the country and the duration of stay allowed.

Migrate World Services

Migrate World is always available to assist individuals with visa-related matters. These services may include visa application assistance, document preparation, translation services, legal and immigration consultancy, and guidance on visa requirements and procedures. We can also help ensure that all the necessary documents are prepared accurately and submitted on time, increasing the chances of a successful visa application.

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