Many countries offer residence by investment schemes rather than citizenship by investment or second passport programs. This program entails a foreign individual investing in another nation to become a resident there. The foreign investor is then permitted to move there and apply for permanent residence after a specified time. Subject to specific requirements, permanent residency can in turn grant foreign nationals the right to citizenship by naturalization in the nation that grants residency through investment.

People often need to fulfill specific conditions, such as having work experience in the country, having studied there, and speaking the language, to qualify for permanent resident status in any particular country. Investment has been a different path to permanent residence since 1986. If a resident has been in the country for some time, PR status can also result in naturalization and citizenship.

Certain European governments introduced residency-by-investment schemes as a means of increasing domestic investment. In exchange, the investors receive the right to live and take advantage of all the country’s systems. While the majority of programs share a common framework, each has its own unique requirements and advantages.

How can a qualified agent assist you in obtaining citizenship or residency by investment programs?

The participation of a licensed agent, a consulting firm assisting investors in applying for and receiving a second passport, is typically required for migration by investment. The majority of states that give citizenship by investment make this requirement clear in their statutes.

Immigrant Invest is an authorized representative of EU and Caribbean investment migration schemes. Our clients place their trust in our knowledge, which is supported by government licenses, 15 years in business, and six offices worldwide.


Investing in a permanent residence has many benefits, These benefits include:

  • Security: In the event that there is any form of political disturbance in one’s own country, having permanent residency in a safe, tranquil nation can be life-saving. The value of this insurance to investors and their families cannot be overstated.
  • Business: Participants in residence by investment programs have new business options now that they have more freedom to do international business and travel.
  • Tax Planning: For the purpose of tax planning, permanent residency may be helpful. One of the lowest income tax rates in Europe, for instance, is found in Bulgaria. Investors are able to manage their capital more skillfully and successfully as a result.
  • Family: The family members of the primary applicant are eligible for the majority of residence by investment programs. As a result, investors can ensure a brighter future for their partners and kids. Having PR grants access to top-notch healthcare, education, and a better way of life.
  • Global Movement: Many passports are quite limited in their ability to travel without a visa, requiring their holders to apply for visas every time they want to go abroad. Permanent residency may boost a person’s ability to move around the world. For instance, just 58 countries accept Chinese passports without a visa, whereas Portugal’s permanent residents are free to travel freely throughout the 26 European countries that make up the Schengen region. For businesspeople around the world, the difference in global mobility equates to a tremendous amount of time saved when applying for visas.

What distinguishes citizenship from residence through investment programs?

According to the regulations of the host country, a residency is a document that permits you to live there for a specified amount of time for a specified number of years. This residence must be renewed regularly to keep it legitimate. You can frequently enter the country whenever you want, purchase a home, get health insurance, and enroll your kids in school if you have a residence permit. For up to 90 days, you can travel to other Schengen nations if you obtain a residence permit from an EU nation. However, a resident does not have any political rights in the state, such as the right to vote.

There are two different types of residency: the first is temporary residence, which gives a person the right to live in the nation for a set amount of time with the option of renewing it under the laws and policies of the state. The second type of residency is permanent residency, which grants you the right to stay in a country for a longer time (extending for years). The length of residency varies from one country to another because, according to the laws of some nations, residency may enable you to obtain citizenship.

The majority of these programs often referred to as the golden visa are located within the European Union to offer a wide range of investment opportunities. Residency by investment programs gives you the chance to acquire legal permanent residence in another country in exchange for an investment in it. As for the idea of citizenship, it is a state of membership and belonging to a state; unlike residents, citizens receive all the rights, privileges, and obligations set forth by the laws of that state; these rights include the ability to vote, take part in political life, receive a certain level of education, and access to health care. Citizens can also apply to pass the right to citizenship on to their children, typically for life.

Citizenship is often earned through birth, parentage, or marriage in a country, but this may not be a possibility for everyone. Citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programs enable individuals to get a second passport by investing in the nation. The Caribbean region, particularly Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, has the majority of the most well-known citizenship programs.


Each nation’s residence by investment program has a unique set of standards that candidates must meet. For instance, although some programs demand that applicants visit the host nation a particular number of times, others do not. However, some conditions apply to all of these programs:

  • Has a spotless criminal history.
  • Display the funds’ legitimate source for investment.
  • Invest in a product that the government has approved, like a national economic fund, a piece of real estate, or government bonds.

How does the Residency by Investment application work?

These programs are administered by governmental and legally recognized entities, and as a result, the applications must adhere to tight guidelines and scrutiny. The laws and programs were created by the governments to give foreigners who had no prior ties to the nation the chance to become citizens by making an investment that complies with the rules. The legal assurance and recognition of the acquired residency make it a lifelong right that can be passed down through the generations. The only way to apply for this kind of program is through a Government Approved Agent.

Which countries are offering residency by investment?

There are more people applying for residency under the policies of nations that grant citizenship or residency in exchange for investment. Many people place a high value on the chance to live and work abroad, particularly those who want to give their children access to higher education and/or create more job chances.

Individuals and families are pouring a lot of money into programs that provide these advantages, whether it is a passport or just a residency. While some programs demand that candidates physically dwell in the nation where they hope to get citizenship or resident status for a predetermined number of days each year, other nations do not. You can qualify for residency in one of these countries if you satisfy the specific requirements:

  • Portugal: You can gain residency in Portugal through investing thanks to the Portugal Residency by Investment scheme. The “Vistos Gold” Portugal Residency program is available to anyone wanting to settle in Portugal. People from all over the world can live in Portugal thanks to the Golden Visa Program in Portugal. Portuguese language proficiency is not a prerequisite for Portugal’s Golden visa program. However, candidates must be able to write and speak English. Over-16s may apply for Portugal residency by making a financial commitment to attend a private university in Portugal. The needed minimum investment is 250,000 Euros. Candidates must be literate in both spoken and written English.
  • St. Kitts and Nevis: This is one of the most widely used nations for arranging offshore asset protection. The nation provides one of the most affordable ways for Americans to obtain long-term residency in a country that speaks English, is safe and stable, has direct international flights, modern conveniences, and wonderful weather all year long. You can live your life the way you want to in a safe, secure, and productive environment with a residency by investment. Additionally, it might lower or even completely eliminate your tax obligation for income earned outside of the US. For anyone wishing to acquire St. Kitts citizenship without renunciation of their U.S. citizenship, the St. Kitts Residency program offers a number of advantages.
  • Bulgaria: The first country to provide a residency by investment program was Bulgaria. The objective was to attract investment, but also to have the investor spend at least 183 days a year living in Bulgaria. The purpose of Bulgaria’s residency by investment programs is to build a strong economic foundation that will aid in the country’s expansion and development. You can live, work, and retire in Bulgaria if you have this status. The curriculum is incredibly adaptable and created to satisfy every individual demand. Applicants must make an investment in Bulgaria in order to be eligible for the Residency by Investment Program.
  • Greece: One of the few in Europe with an investment immigration scheme is Greece. For affluent investors, obtaining Greek citizenship through an investment program is a fantastic way to get a second passport and reside in one of Europe’s most popular nations. Greece has a unique citizenship-by-investment policy that enables you to purchase real estate and make financial contributions to the Greek economy in exchange for citizenship after a year of residence.
    Foreign people who make a sizable direct property investment are granted immediate permanent residency in Greece. This residency visa, which entitles you to live and work anywhere in the European Union, must be purchased for a minimum of €250,000. You can apply for Greek citizenship and get a Greek passport after residing there for five years nonstop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent residency by investment is a foreign national who has been granted temporary residence and has the legal authority to temporarily occupy a state. A temporary residency permit or a visa are both options. Depending on the type of visa, temporary residents can legally live, work, study, or do business in the country without becoming a citizen in their own right. When you are required to invest in a country where you will be residing in the future, a residence by investment program is another means to gain temporary and permanent residence.

If you have enough money, one of the easiest places to relocate is Portugal. After five years, you can seek permanent residency under its Golden Visa program. If you have spent 35 days in Portugal after the five years are up and you are still able to seek citizenship.

No, you do not instantly become eligible for a green card if you purchase a home in the United States. Real estate ownership in the USA does not confer any immigration or visa privileges, and if you apply for a green card, you will go through the same qualifying requirements as any other non-resident.


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