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Migrate World, a very successful immigration, residency, and citizenship by an investment firm that helps individuals and families worldwide realize their aspirations of migrating to another nation to live, work, and invest, was founded by the visionary entrepreneur Moe Alhaj.

The founder and CEO, Moe Alhaj of Migrate World, a Canadian citizen born and raised in Canada, was exposed to a wide range of cultures at a young age, which deepened his knowledge of the value of diversity and global citizenship. After completing his computer science degree, Moe Alhaj started working as a settlement services officer, helping immigrants to Canada locate housing, educational opportunities, and government-related registrations to help them become used to their new life. When Moe Alhaj worked as a settlement services officer, he saw the demand for immigration and citizenship services grow as more people sought to invest abroad to increase their opportunities and secure their futures. 

Moe Alhaj launched his own company in international student recruiting to Canada from GCC nations with services ranging from university acceptance to student visa processing. After realizing the potential of this new sector, he later expanded the company to include immigration services, leading to its current state. In his 20 years of practice, Moe has aided high-net-worth investors and individuals in obtaining second passports as well as immigration and residency programs. He has earned a reputation as a leading expert on immigration and citizenship by investment, thanks to his creative leadership and commitment to quality. He is essential in providing on-demand consultation to government and immigration authorities. Moe Alhaj uses his creative business methods to invest in various enterprises and runs successful hospitality firms in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. Along with a marketing agency in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Canada, a pharmaceuticals company in Saudi Arabia, and a trading company operating out of the United Arab Emirates, Africa, and Canada.

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