Year in Review – Dominica

Like much of its Caribbean neighbours, 2017 was a tough year for Dominica. In September, Dominica was hit by back-to-back Category 5 Hurricanes—Irma and Maria—which made landfall and caused destruction.

However, just weeks after reports of damage filled the news, reports of the incredible recovery effort began to emerge. Dominican citizens—in some cases led by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit personally—banded together to repair, restore, and rebuild the island better than it was before.

Of course, recovery efforts of such a large scale require significant funding to make them possible. The UN humanitarian office launched a $31 million emergency appeal to help with rebuilding. But the Dominican government also took matters into their own hands by restructuring their popular Citizenship by Investment program.

Already considered one of the most affordable programs in the Caribbean, the revised fees are as follows:

Government fees for Real Estate Option: (until August 31, 2018)
$25,000 for main applicant (formerly $50,000)
$35,000 for main applicant and spouse
$35,000 for family of four including main applicant (formerly $75,000)
$50,000 for family of six including main applicant (formerly $100,000)
$70,000 for family of seven including main applicant

Fees for Donation Option: (until March 31, 2018)
Due diligence fees:
$4,000 for spouse (formerly $7,500)
Processing fees:
$1,000 government processing fee (formerly $3,000)
$250 for certificate of naturalization (formerly $750)

*All prices are in USD.

For interested investors, now is the perfect time to make an investment. You can contribute to the rebuilding and strengthening of an island nicknamed the Nature Isle for its natural beauty, all while receiving significant savings. It’s a win/win situation. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation.

If you’re still not convinced, learn more about Dominica:

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About the Editorial Staff
About the Editorial Staff

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