UAE Visa on Arrival for Indians

An Overview of The Dubai Visa on Arrival For Indians

Indian nationals can apply for a Dubai visa to enter Dubai, with one option being the visa on arrival (VOA). To be eligible for a VOA, Indian citizens must hold a UK, EU, or US visa or a green card. The visa is obtained at the immigration counter upon arrival in Dubai and is available only for nationals from specific countries. It’s important to note that Indians who do not meet these eligibility criteria will not be able to get a VOA. Additionally, VOA approval is not guaranteed, as 1 in 10 applicants may be denied entry even if they meet all the criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Passport Holders Seeking a Dubai Visa on Arrival

To qualify for a Dubai visa on arrival with an Indian passport, you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Possess a valid US visa, or
  • Hold a valid green card issued by the USA, or
  • Have a valid Schengen or EU residence visa, or
  • Have a valid UK residence visa

Additionally, the visa from the US, UK, or EU must have a minimum validity of six months.

Required Documents for a Visa on Arrival in Dubai

If you meet the eligibility criteria for a Dubai VOA, you will need to gather the following documents:

  • A valid US visa or green card, or a valid UK or EU visa
  • A normal passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of travel
  • A return flight ticket
  • All documents must be valid for 6 months from the date of arrival
  • Payment for the visa on-arrival fees

Processing Time for a Dubai Visa on Arrival for Indians

Typically, the processing time for a Dubai visa on arrival for Indian nationals ranges from 5 to 15 minutes. This includes filling out the application form, verifying documents, and paying the visa on-arrival fees. However, the wait time may exceed 15 minutes if there are long queues. It’s important to note that there is no standard processing time, as it largely depends on the number of people applying for a visa on arrival at the airport.

Cost of a Visa on Arrival in Dubai

The fee for a Dubai visa on arrival for Indian citizens is 120 AED, payable upon arrival in Dubai. This fee is specifically for the visa on arrival for Indian nationals. It’s important to note that visa fees are subject to change, so it is advisable to check the latest prices on the Embassy or Consulate website before traveling.

Validity of the Dubai Visa on Arrival

The Dubai visa on arrival for Indian citizens is a single-entry visa, valid for 14 days from the date of issue. To avoid fines, you must exit the country or extend your visa before its expiry.

Step-by-step process to obtain a UAE visa on arrival for Indians

Step 1: Go to the Immigration Counter

Upon arriving at the Indian airport, check in at the counter in person. The airline staff will photograph your valid residence permit (US, UK, or EU) or green card and send it to the embassy for verification. This step is essential to obtain the visa on arrival for Indians in Dubai at the airport.

The Dubai embassy will verify and approve your visa, which may take around 10 minutes. After approval, the airline staff will issue your boarding pass.

Upon landing in Dubai, proceed to the Marhaba Services stall at the airport. Here, you can purchase your Dubai visa on arrival for Indians.

Step 2: Complete Biometrics and Payment

At the counter, staff will take pictures of your passport, visa, and boarding pass and verify the documents. You can then pay the visa fees using your card or in AED. After payment, you will receive your UAE Visa on Arrival.

Step 3: Receive Approval or Denial

Next, go to the immigration counter with your receipt. The immigration officer will check the visa on arrival printout, review your passport, and stamp it.

UAE Visa on Arrival for Indians with US Visa

Indian passport bearers possessing a valid American visa, or a Green Card are entitled to acquire a UAE visa upon arrival. The visa will remain valid for 14 days, and there is an option for a single extension, subject to a fee.

Advantages of Visa on Arrival

  • UAE visa on arrival for Indians streamlines entry procedures
  • It eliminates the need for prior visa applications.
  • The process is quick and straightforward at entry points.
  • It’s a convenient option for spontaneous travel plans.
  • Promotes tourism by making the UAE more accessible

Why do Indians travel to the UAE?

Indians are increasingly drawn to the UAE for a variety of compelling reasons:

  • Real Estate Benefits: Investing in UAE property can secure residency, offering high returns and modern infrastructure. For details, visit our page on UAE Residency by Real Estate Investment.
  • Corporate Benefits: The UAE is attractive for business setup due to easy company formation and significant tax exemptions. Learn more about this on our Business Setup in UAE page.
  • Residency and Travel Benefits: UAE residents enjoy visa-free access to numerous countries. See the full list on our UAE Residents Visa Free Countries page. Additionally, the UAE 5-Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa provides travel flexibility. For those seeking long-term residency, the UAE  Golden Visa program offers a compelling option, particularly for Indian investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals. 
  • Immigration Opportunities: Many Indians in the UAE explore further immigration options to Canada or the UK. For more information, visit our pages on Immigration to Canada from UAE, Immigration to UAE from Canada, and Immigration to UAE from UK.
  • Employment Opportunities: The UAE’s booming economy offers numerous job opportunities across various sectors, attracting many Indian professionals.

Quality of Life: The high standard of living, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and safe environment make the UAE a preferred choice for many Indians.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Indian Citizens Exempt from UAE Visa?

No, Indian citizens are not exempt from needing a visa to enter the UAE.

  • Can I Get a Visa on Arrival Anytime?

Yes, you can obtain a visa on arrival at any time. The staff operates 24/7, so you can get your visa even if you arrive late at night.

  • Is Dubai Visa-Free for Indians?

No, Indian nationals need a valid visa to enter Dubai.

  • What Are the Passport Requirements?

When applying for a UAE visa on arrival with an Indian passport, make sure that:

  • Your passport has a validity of at least 6 months from your planned travel date.
  • There are a minimum of 2 blank pages in your passport.
  • The condition of your passport is good and undamaged.
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