New Year’s Eve Island Style: Dominica, St. Lucia, and Grenada


New Year’s Eve in Dominica is typically a festive occasion, and though this is a relatively small
country, there are still plenty of events to keep would-be revelers occupied. Not to mention a
few options for those looking for a more low-key experience, too.
On New Year’s Eve, many Dominicans will kick off the night by attending church. But once the
service is over, it’s time for celebrating and dancing—lots and lots of dancing. Many of the major
celebrations happen in and around the capital, Roseau with clubs and hotels holding traditional
celebrations with DJs and/or live music. Because this is an island nation, there are also
opportunities to take the celebrations to the water on various booze cruises and party boats.
But for something different, instead of sipping Champagne, why not swim in it? Or at least warm
tropical water that resembles the tiny bubbles of the popular drink. Champagne Reef—so called
for the millions of tiny bubbles that emerge from the ocean floor—is a must see for divers and
snorkelers of all ages and abilities.

St. Lucia

In St. Lucia, it’s not uncommon to keep the New Year’s Eve celebrations going well until the sun
has come up on New Year’s Day. St. Lucians know how to have a good time and this festive
spirit is on full display to ring in the new year.
Rodney Bay is the most popular area to spend the evening with a wide selection of restaurants
as well as clubs and bars. You can expect to find live music as well as DJs, dancing and drinks,
and of course fireworks at the stroke of midnight. But every town and village—regardless of
size—will have some form of celebration happening. Often, the party takes place right in the
street, spilling out from inside crowded clubs.
In the capital city, Castries, celebrations mainly take place at Derek Walcott Square. There,
you’ll find plenty of loud music, food and drink stalls selling treats and tipples, as well as a
general party atmosphere.


New Year’s Eve—or Old Year’s Night as its better known—it a time to celebrate and also reflect
on the year that was, and the year that’s to come in Grenada.
Grenada has a reputation as hosting some of the liveliest New Year’s Eve celebrations in the
entire Caribbean, a bold claim from a region of the world that likes to have a good time and
takes its celebrating very seriously. Grenada is a popular boating destination, and because of
that, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest parties takes place at the Port Louis Marina. The all-
inclusive event includes several well-known Caribbean DJs, local entertainment, lots of food and
drinks, and of course fireworks at the stroke of midnight.
For a slightly different scene, many of the hotels and resorts that dot this lush tropical paradise
also offer their own private parties. Dress and celebrations can vary from beach-casual to
cocktail dresses and bowties, all depending on what kind of night you’re looking to have.

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