Best Golden Visa Programs 2023

Best Golden Visa Programs 2023

Are you looking to obtain a Golden Visa in Europe? Here we offer to present a round-up of the top EU Golden Visa Programs for 2023. A second residency abroad ensures that you can leave and live somewhere else. What is happening with Golden visas and Citizenship by investment in 2023? Here are some quick updates.

Golden visas are “golden” opportunities for investors to invest in Europe and obtain expedited resident rights, and they are in fact. These visas operate within a streamlined administrative framework that minimizes processing times and makes it simple for wealthy investors to make investments in the country. 

The advantages of living in a European country are what draw people to Golden Visas. Due to holding a golden visa, the major investor and his family (if any) are able to live, work, study, and access healthcare on par with citizens. Several of these visas also act as a fast track to citizenship; even though they may not immediately result in the acquisition of citizenship, they make the process simpler.

Golden visa Portugal

The pinnacle of Europe’s Golden Visa nations is Portugal. Eight investment options are available, ranging in price from €280,000 for remodeling properties in low-density areas to €1.5 million deposited and held in a Portuguese bank.

The investment funds approach (minimum €500,000) has recently grown in popularity as investors avoid the rising costs, hassles, and red tape associated with real estate. Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme has a number of benefits, including flexibility. After receiving your residence permit, you are free to visit Portugal for as many or as few days as you like (a minimum of seven days annually) and still be considered to have a permanent address there.

Golden visa applications can still be filed online but appointments will be assigned only from July 1 in chronological order and given equal treatment.

Golden visa Greece 

At just €250,000, beautiful Greece currently provides Europe’s cheapest Golden Visa real estate path. The Greek government has announced plans to double the minimum threshold to €500,000 in 2023, albeit it is probable that this adjustment will only apply to upscale neighborhoods of Athens and Thessaloniki. However, this is about to change.

The Greek program’s ability to enable investors complete the entire application procedure online is one of its main advantages. This was implemented during the pandemic and is still in effect today.vMany investors receive their permanent residency permits within a three-month term, making it a relatively quick process.

However, having a permanent address does not grant you Greek citizenship, preventing you from traveling freely within the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

Golden visa Canada

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Scheme is the most well-known investor residence program in Canada (QIIP). After just three years, you can apply for Canadian citizenship in exchange for a passive, interest-free investment of C$1.2 million from the government. 

Additionally, you must have a legally acquired personal net worth of at least 2 million Canadian dollars to qualify for the program. Additionally, you must physically reside in Quebec for at least 183 days each year for the three years. However, making an investment in Canada can be worthwhile. The nation offers free public healthcare and excellent employment prospects, has one of the strongest passports in the world, and enjoys good international reputation. 

Prince Edward Island:  With 152,021 residents, Prince Edward is one of the smallest and least populated provinces in Canada. Charlottetown, the province’s largest city, serves as its capital. The region is renowned for its natural beauty and lovely diversity; it has 800km of beaches as well as woodlands .All Canadian citizens and permanent residents are entitled to a free public school education from kindergarten through grade 12. Prince Edward offers extensive training programmes after graduation to assist students in learning a new trade and locating employment. The University of Princes Edward is another post-secondary institution run by the province.

The province of Prince Edward Island is encouraging immigrants who want to live in the province to settle there by offering the PEI provincial nomination programme. Qualified people with the experience and skills the province is looking for may receive a prince Edward island provincial nomination certificate, which enables the foreign nationals to apply for Canadian permanent residence. Entrepreneur provincial nomination programme in the Business impact category is one of the initiatives offered by the government.

Golden visa Grenada

Grenada is one of the nations that accept Golden Visas and offers instant citizenship in exchange for investment, much like Antigua. There is absolutely no requirement for a physical address.
You must contribute at least $150,000 USD to Grenada’s national development fund in order to be eligible. You can be eligible by making a real estate investment. Visa-free entry is possible with a Grenadian passport in 140 nations, including the whole Schengen Region.

Golden visa Malta

One of the most well-known EU programs is Malta’s Golden Visa scheme, which provides the fastest road to citizenship in the Union. Within the program, you have two choices: citizenship after 36 months and full citizenship after 12 months. Depending on how much money you have available to spend, you can choose one.

It costs €750,000 for the 12-month route (plus €50,000 for each family member) and €600,000 for the 36-month route (plus €50,000 for each family member). Additionally, you must buy or rent a house and pay at least €10,000 to a Maltese charity or NGO.

Full EU citizenship and a potent passport that ranks eighth in the world come with Maltese citizenship for you and your family. Malta’s Golden Visa program has more benefits than Portugal’s alternative.

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About the Editorial Staff

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