Benefits of having a European Passport

The cities of Europe are renowned for their architecture, nightlife, dining, museums, and ways of life. Therefore, it is not surprising that an increasing number of non-EU nationals are eager to obtain a passport from a top-tier European nation.

Although EU citizenship is much wanted, getting it is not that easy. You’ll be eligible to get a European passport depending on a few different factors. How precisely does one become an EU citizen? Fortunately, there are numerous solutions to this issue, and these are the ones we’ll discuss in this article.

Visa-free entry into other EU nations: Depending on the nation issuing the passport, holders with EU passports have unrestricted access to some nations. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to travel without being constrained by visa requirements?

Complete working and living rights: As long as you hold EU citizenship, you are permitted to live and work in any EU member state. Non-EU nationals require an employer-sponsored visa, which can be extremely expensive and difficult to get.

Benefits of National Health Care: when visiting any of the 28 member states of the European Union, you are entitled to reciprocal healthcare benefits. It makes no difference if you are just passing through, studying, or a resident of another EU nation.

Right to Vote or hold Public Office: European Union Citizenship comes with an unlimited right to vote and to contest for any political post in the EU country you reside. The conditions to contest as a candidate in any municipal election remain the same for everyone including non-nationals. Your EU citizenship also guarantees your recruitment into public office under the same conditions as nationals of the country.
Anywhere in the EU, Find Work

Dual citizenship entitles holders of European passports to employment in all EU member states: Employers frequently seek out candidates with overseas experience who are adaptable, bilingual, and culturally cognizant. Employers can avoid dealing with the difficult permit or work visa process by hiring a dual citizen. Even though Italy is where you have a legal domicile, you might work for a German or Italian corporation or vice versa.

Own a home and establish a permanent address: You are entitled under citizenship law to own property in any EU nation without requiring any further authorizations. This benefits real estate investors in Europe and gives them a chance to diversify their holdings. Dual EU nationals are also permitted to obtain residency in the EU country of their choice.

Keeping all emergency options available: you and your family have more options in an emergency because you are a dual citizen. Depending on where you are and what the local political elite likes, you might decide to travel using your U.S. or EU passport. When traveling, you have access to two embassies or consulates, and you have the option of moving to another nation without having to wait for a visa that might be denied due to shifting political conditions.

Requirements for a Golden Visa or Golden Passport

  • The eligibility requirements for a Golden Visa or Golden Passport are different from country to country, but generally include the following:
  • You must own the money intended for investment
  • The money must have been acquired legally
  • You must have no history of criminal records
  • You must be able to sustain yourself and your family members for the time you intend to live in the EU State.


Citizenship by Investment in Europe

If you invest heavily in real estate or other assets in a European nation, you will be granted a European Golden Visa. As long as you keep up your investment, EU Golden Visas are provided in the form of a temporary residence permit that can be renewed continually (or until you become eligible for permanent residency). Spain, Greece, and Malta are some of the most popular EU Member States that provide Golden Visas or investment programs.

You can renew your residence permit without always residing in an EU member state. However, the majority of States will require real residency to earn permanent residence or citizenship.

Receiving a Golden Visa does not ensure citizenship. You must reside in a certain EU State for a predetermined period to obtain citizenship there using a Golden Visa. Each State has its requirements for citizenship by investment, but you should typically expect seven to ten years of continuous presence.

Which EU Countries Offer Golden Visas and Investment programs?

EU countries that offer Golden Visas, Golden Passports, and other residency-by-investment programmers are:

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