These investments support the countries’ economic development. As a result, you can feel good that your investment has enhanced the prosperity of your new country. These investments may be directed to a National Development Fund, or to various sectors and major industries.

This option also allows you complete freedom as, due to minimal, and in some cases no, residency requirements, you can live wherever you choose.

Investment Options

We provide three main ways of achieving residency & citizenship:

1) Through financial contributions e.g. donation to a Government Fund in the relevant country (the country you would like to attain citizenship and passport for).

2) By purchasing property in the country (with a minimum financial requirement).

3) By investing in a company in the country (with a minimum financial requirement).

There is a bit more detail below on each kind of investment and, if you would like, we can also send you specific brochures about the countries and programs we work with. These brochures contain more detail about the various programs offered and their benefits.

Company Formation

Migrate World has the legal and administrative background to handle the paperwork and smoothly arrange the documents to establish your new company in the country of your selection.

It is possible to acquire residency and/or citizenship for you and your family through your foreign-business venture. We work with discerning, savvy investors and entrepreneurs and help clients to actualize their ambitions.

Migrate World has the legal and administrative skills to smoothly handle the paperwork needed to establish your new company in the country of your choosing.

We have numerous inclusive services -which range from carefully hiring local employees to navigating the often-complicated bureaucracy surrounding the foundation of companies. Migrate World will lead you through preparing the documents needed to process your citizenship application -and so will help you to obtain your new passport with ease.

Real Estate Purchase

This option involves a property purchase (there is usually a minimum amount to be spent) –after which you will receive residency or a citizenship.

There is no permanent obligation for most, as properties may be re-sold after a short period of time (we will provide full details). You may however not want to sell since Migrate World’s authorized property brokers arrange secure, appreciating investments and obtain the best prices in the market. We have a team ready to assist in Property Management, so that your property would also yield rental income. You can choose the property yourself or delegate this to our experienced property developers. It’s particularly worth considering investing in real estate in one, or several, of the following places:

• Antigua & Barbuda
• Dominica
• Cyprus
• Portugal
• St. Kitts & Nevis

Whilst residing in your country of choice, you can relax and let Migrate World manage the details for you.

Financial Contribution

Feel good about enhancing the prosperity of your new country, and still retain the freedom to live where you choose thanks to no or minimal residency requirements.

We offer our clients a wide variety of financial services via our banking partners. We give these to our clients directly, when they are needed, and this saves them precious time whilst giving them peace of mind that no details will be missed out. We help our clients with everything –from the basic need to open accounts to the more complicated management of investment opportunities through our investor programs.

At Migrate World! We are renowned for exceeding our clients' expectations. We Recognize that every clients' situation is unique

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