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Population 2014 estimate
(2011 census 416,055)

33,215 USD

GDP (per capita)
GDP (purchasing power parity)
14.129 billion USD (2014 estimate)


VISA Free Countries


Why Malta?

The origin of the term Malta is uncertain, and the modern-day variation derives from the Maltese language. The most common etymology is that the word Malta derives from Greek word μέλι, meli, "honey". The ancient Greeks called the island Μελίτη (Melitē) meaning "honey-sweet" (which was also, inter alia, the name of a Nereid), possibly due to Malta's unique production of honey; an endemic species of bee lives on the island, giving it the popular nickname the "land of honey". The Romans went on to call the island Melita, which can be considered either as a latinisation of the Greek Μελίτη or the adaptation of the Doric Greek pronunciation of the same word Μελίτα. Another conjecture suggests that the word Malta comes from the Phoenician word Maleth meaning "a haven" in reference to Malta's many bays and coves.


✓ The right to live, work and study in any of the 28 EU countries and UK
✓ Travel visa-free to 166 countries, including the EU and Canada
✓ Reasonable contribution and efficient application process
✓ Malta is an attractive place to live or to own a second home and is strategically located with excellent air links.
✓ Residency Card in 4 (four) weeks, Citizenship approval in 4 (four) months processing time & passport issuance in 12 (twelve) months (inclusive of processing time)