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Population 2013 estimate
(Population growth 1.48%)

30,882 USD

GDP (per capita)
GDP (purchasing power parity)
27.516 billion USD (2014 estimate)


VISA Free Countries


Why Cyprus?

Nestled in warm Mediterranean waters between three continents, the Republic of Cyprus beckons to investors looking for a quick turnaround on their permanent residency or citizenship and passport application. The third largest and third most populous island in its home sea, Cyprus claims to be the legendary birthplace of the Classical goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Indeed, the Cypriot landscape bears witness to the centuries of civilizations that have succeeded each other, and tourists flock to visit the remarkable Roman villas, Byzantine churches, Crusader fortresses, Ottoman mosques, and prehistoric sites, and support the service-driven, Euro-powered economy.


✓ Residency or citizenship in the EU (right to live, work and study in Europe).
✓ Processing time 3-6 months.

 ✓ Flexible, customizable investment plans.

✓ Visa Free access to approximately 157 countries (UK; EU; Canada)
✓ No language requirements.

✓ No physical residence requirements (one visit every 7 years required).

✓ Dual citizenship allowed.

 ✓ Low tax rates.

 ✓ Free trade within the EU.