We offer you citizenship by investment programs, company formation services, and an array of options that allow you to secure citizenship and obtain additional passports without residency obligations.

We are a global company. Our headquarters is in Dubai and with our other offices in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, Kuwait, St Kitts, Egypt and Jordan. We are a well-versed company with over a decades’ worth of experience in the field.

We cater to the migration and business needs of executives and eminent individuals and offer numerous services including citizenship by investment, residency programs and legal services. Think of us as your personal team -we will help you translate your dreams into reality. Nothing pleases us more than witnessing our clients’ goals coming to fruition.

We develop long-term relationships with our clients and nothing is too much for us. Our clients ask us all sorts of questions and favours –concerning both important and trivial matters- and we are more than happy to help them with all their requests and at any time –whether day or night. We let our clients know that they can turn to us with any problem or request –and they often do.

We’re always looking for ways to build relationships and partnerships across the globe that are both long lasting and mutually beneficial. If your clientele consists of high net worth individuals with a constant need to travel for business or pleasure, we can help you expand your services to include Citizenship or Residency by Investment based on a strategic relationship with Migrate World. Whether it’s Visa Free travel or simply for future security, Migrate World is your strategic partner. To explore partnership possibilities, please email us at partnership@migrateworld.com

At Migrate World! We are renowned for exceeding our clients' expectations. We Recognize that every clients' situation is unique

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